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Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a predictable yet ever changing science and we keep abreast of industry trends to take out the guess work and avoid harmful practices that may actually penalise your sites ranking.
Seo is not a sprint but a marathon and generally takes a bit of time to develop. It's a consistent effort on our part to improve your rankings on search engines and help your potential clients find you.

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SEO services we offer_

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SEO Keyword Research

This is the most important part of developing your SEO roadmap. Keyword research reveals a starting point as well as where improvements can be made.

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SEO Web Design & Development

SEO, web design, and web development go together. Creating a website before doing an initial SEO keyword research is a recipe for disaster. That's why here at Rhox care is taken to follow the process.


SEO Content Strategy

Good content is king. Content that has been created with proper SEO keyword research is epic. What you feel is good may not be as effective when all things are considered.

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SEO Content Development

With a strategy in place it is time to begin crafting content. The main aim is to use direct response copy-writing to promote product awareness and to encourage potential clients to make an action and in doing so increase your rankings.

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Local SEO Strategy

With the ever increasing rise of mobile phones and users searching the web with them. There has been a push to create awareness around local SEO. Rhox can assist in local citations and increase your local SEO exposure. We will help set up a Google My Business account and make sure any listings of your business are consistent. Google reviews can be linked to your site and add extra credibility for visitors who are making buying decisions.

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Global SEO Branding

Let's face it, everyone wants to grow their business. SEO is one of the best online marketing strategies to grow locally and globally as its fundamental to the internet. With the right SEO strategy you can become an international brand if you want to and here at Rhox we can help you do that.


SEO means Search Engine Optimization. SEO helps you drive targeted online traffic to your website. Having a clear strategy in place will help you rank according to keywords or specific phrases that your potential clients are searching for. By addressing a specific need you will reduce bounce rates as your content will be geared towards solving a client's problem.

The short answer: It depends. Just using your competitor's keywords will not yield the best results. Generally with consistent SEO strategies in place an average turn around time is six months to a year. However with algorithms being modified and updated and certain practices becoming out dated it's important to view SEO as an ongoing objective of your digital marketing strategy. For this simple reason its imperative that you discuss your SEO goals with us.

Businesses wanting to grow income should be active in performing SEO for their brand on a regular basis. It is a sure fire way to increase exposure and help you achieve top-of-mind-awareness.

Nope. It's a continuous process and needs to be monitored to get the results you want. SEO is a marathon not a sprint.

This will depend on your needs. Please contact us to discuss your goals and for a quote.

If you are looking to grow yes very much so. You could always start with researching different strategies and see which ones can be implemented on a budget.

If the budget is too low then you can always start by doing the planning phase which includes three important areas of focus. 1) SEO keyword research, 2) Website landing page design for SEO purposes and 3) SEO content strategy. Contact us if you want us to create your SEO plan for you.

No we carry out all SEO strategies in house. We may make use of some third party analytics programs, but that is simply for monitoring activity.

Yes, we do offer SEO services for various industries.

Everything within your website that you can modify to assist your SEO strategy is referred to as on-page SEO.

Everything outside your website that you can do to increase your SEO strategy refers to off-page SEO. Any links on business directories and social media for example.

Your competition is more than likely actively involved in using SEO in their digital marketing arsenal. If you are wanting to increase profits then you should making use of it as well. SEO goes toward adding credibility to your brand online as potential users rely on search engine results to determine what they are looking for.

Anything free is worth what you pay for it. When deciding on a viable SEO strategy remember to not only keep in mind the monetary cost but also the time factor that would be involved. Having to learn about the best practices should be included in your calculations.

SEO should be viewed as an ongoing digital marketing activity that needs to be monitored as well as implemented in order to achieve your goals.

Definitely! When creating articles for your site or social media profiles keep in mind any keyword research you have done. Your posts should tie into this and aim at making you somewhat of an expert as it allows you to showcase your knowledge.

Search Engine Optimization is an important marketing activity for your brand's online presence. Initially your budget may be low and your focus more on the short term results. SEO is a long term strategy and any promised quick fixes should be viewed with scepticism.

No and anyone who does should make you run in the opposite direction. Rhox can offer better results by keeping abreast of changes to algorithms and industry best practices.

Yes and we advise against redirects.

You should begin to see results in 6 to 12 months. As this should be viewed as an ongoing process. Give us a call.

Yes. In a move to improve user experience and promote websites that are "safe" not having a secure socket layer (SSL) linked to your domain can impede your SEO results. Many browsers display your site as unsafe which can cause visitor's to leave.

AS long as people use search engines there will be SEO.

Yes but these are part your on-page SEO and are part of several other important practices.

Depending on your budget and time constraints. SEO is takes longer and could be less over all. PPC (Paid per Click Advertising) is generally faster and the price varies. Ideally a combination of both would be very effective but this is not always practical.