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Make your business more professional

with a “one pager” website which is perfect for people who already host their site elsewhere and need to add some credibility to their online presence with a single page set-up.

Sound familiar?

  • You need a design that is simple and effective without having information spread out over several pages that will showcase what you do and encourage your clients get hold of you rather than place orders online;
  • You've been meaning to get around to making your website or updating the details but you can't find the time to learn how to use WordPress, Wix, Foursquare or any other pre-packaged site editor with drag & drop features;
  • Your existing hosting package with your current supplier is exactly what you need and the service is great. However, they charge more than you are prepared to spend on the entry level design package.

Pay only R1499
R599 Once off

Only pay when you are happy.

See an example


  • Landing image
  • About us
  • Team
  • Work (Services/ Products)
  • Gallery
  • Contact us
  • Social Media buttons

Limited time offer

First 50 to reply

Duane Giliam Online Marketing Manager of Rhox Digital Solutions

Duane Giliam, Online Marketing Manager


You will need to provide me with what information and pictures you need to have on the page and I'll do the rest.

Please ensure your current hosting provider allows you to place a website in your c-panel account.

I will design the site and once you are happy and you have paid I will then help you install the site on your c-panel account.

This offer is only for designing a one page website and excludes hosting, domain name registration/renewal, logo design and image editing. If you are needing any of these please feel free to get hold of me here